Existential Universal Mapper (EUM I & O)

The EUM family of tools is designed for individuals, groups and formal organizations – business and non-business. They are tools that provide incisive insights into the nature of the unit being studied, and offer a rich basis for exploration, dialogue and development directions. They offer critical inputs for alignment – be it personal or organizational, growth and evolution. The underlying framework that informs these tools is the work of Ashok Malhotra, who in turn drew inspiration from the work of Clare Graves.

The framework and the tools built on it do not categorize, or “box” people and organizations behind labels, and instead seeks to map the configuration of different states of existence as they uniquely come together in a particular entity; it helps build hypotheses on the nature of this configuration and its implications for integrity and meaningfulness as part of the evolutionary journey.

A fundamental premise is that individuals and organizations are living systems with their own needs, imperatives and modalities of engaging with its context. So no exploration is complete here without reckoning with the context. Figure and ground are not separated but seen together!

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Date: 10th Sep 2020 to 13th Sep 2020
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Inner Work Through Yoga (IWTY)
Date: April 2020
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EUM-O Certification Workshop
Date: 13th Feb 2020 to 15th Feb 2020
Location: Karnataka
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